Supadupa Kid on Stage

Catch the totally fantastical superhero Youth Theatre production of the Supadupa Kid with Barrington Stage in the Berkshires!

Javon Williams was just a normal kid until a freak accident gave him amazing superpowers. The only problem? The neighborhood bully, Hoody, acquired his own superpowers and is using them to terrorize the city! Javon attempts to save the city by becoming… The Supadupa Kid!

This supadupa special performance was collaboratively written with the local youth cast.

‘Through the shared language of superheroes, director NJ Agwuna, choreographer Tommy Scrivens, and a cast of 10 actors have created an adaptation that belongs to them.’ – Berkshire Eagle

“It became a really collaborative process in a very democratic way. A lot of times they’ll come up with funny one liners that they think are just very off hand. But we’re like, no, that’s really great. Let us find a place to put it in the show,” Agwuna added.

It runs through August 12. FREE TICKETS!!! for youth 17 and younger. 6 FREE TICKETS 🙀 are available per 1 adult ticket!!!!!

And don’t forget the books!

In studio with WPIX NY

‘I’m going to turn your kids into millionaires and no one can stop me!’

Bold words spoken by Ty Allan Jackson and he’s backing them up. Monday morning, he was in studio with Chris and Marysol answering kids’ questions about money in their ongoing series on youth financial literacy. The kids were cute but the questions show that they’re taking money and saving seriously. Check out the segment below to hear Ty’s answers and awesome tips.

See Ty’s previous interviews with WPIX as they discuss how parents can help their children save money, set goals, and dream big at a young age.

If you know a kid with big dreams, help them learn and achieve by getting them a copy of Danny Dollar or Make Your Own Money today!

Albany Students Participate in Danny Dollar Academy

Students in the 4th Family after school program in Albany, NY have spent the past few weeks participating in Danny Dollar Academy, a financial literacy, economics and entrepreneurship program run by Northern Kentucky University. You can find an article about the implementation of Danny Dollar Academy at 4th Family here:

Ty Discusses Financial Literacy on WPIX NY News

Ty was recently featured on NY local news station PIX11 for the second time in the last year to discuss financial literacy and his newest book Make Your Own Money: How Kids Can Earn It, Save It, Spend It, and Dream Big. Ty and Marysol discuss how parents can help their children start saving money, setting goals, and dreaming big at a young age.

You can check out Ty’s previous interview with Marysol at PIX11 here:

Author Visits Create Lifelong Readers

There isn’t a parent or teacher alive who doesn’t want their children or students to love reading. Many adults know the power of reading and are aware of how childhood literacy leads to better outcomes later in life. But there is something missing in our attempts to inspire kids to read, and it’s pretty fundamental: We are not providing children with inspiring reading role models. Kids are inspired by cultural icons and leaders. That’s why so many children want to be basketball players like LeBron James or ballerinas like Misty Copeland. But they don’t often see authors portrayed as the literacy rock stars that they are. This is why school author visits matter! Author visits can….

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Ty Allan Jackson: Honorary Doctor of Humane Letters

We have huge news… 

This year, Ty Allan Jackson is serving as Commencement speaker for the Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts Class of 2021, and has received an honorary Doctorate of Humane Letters!! 🤯🥳 

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Personalized Video Messages!

Does your child or a child you know love Ty’s books? Well we have good news: Ty will send a short inspirational video message to them, for free! 🤗🎉 Can you imagine how cool it would be to get a personal message from your favorite author? What better way to encourage reading than to help kids create a connection with an author. So message us through InstagramFacebook, or email and let us know the child’s name and where to send the video. We can’t wait to brighten their day! 🌈

Introducing “Story Time with Ty”

There is nothing more important to us than getting kids excited about reading 🤗📖. And we feel like one of the best ways to do that is to help them develop a personal connection with their favorite authors. Ty visits classrooms around the country (virtually, of course) to do read alouds for students, which is always SO much fun. The kids love it, the teachers love it, and Ty loves it! Win, win, win! But we want to reach even more kids. So every Thursday at 7PM EST, Ty will do a live Story Time With Ty, in which (you guessed it) Ty will read stories to your kids! 🥳  Once a week, Ty will jump on Instagram and Facebook Live at 7, read a story, and engage with viewers. We will also post all of the videos after in case you can’t make it. Tell all your friends, and we can’t wait to see you there!

Ty Interviewed by Marvel Hero Jahkil Jackson

Most of you know that Ty and Danny Dollar made an appearance on a Marvel’s Hero Project episode featuring Sidney Keys, a young man who was inspired by Ty’s book to create a book club for black boys. Well we just discovered that ANOTHER Marvel’s Hero Project member was influenced by Danny Dollar!!! That’s right, not one, but TWO Marvel Heroes!!

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Ty Allan Jackson