Make financial literacy simple to teach and fun to learn.

What a joy it was to see elementary students connecting to the entrepreneurial spirit at the Danny Dollar Entrepreneurial Fair. The enthusiasm and creativity was a true inspiration.
Linda Tyer – Mayor, Pittsfield, MA

The Program

The Entrepreneur Fair program teaches students essential life and financial literacy skills, and empowers them to bring their biggest ideas to life. Guided by their teachers and our book Make Your Own Money, students work in small groups to create product or service-based small businesses, which they present at the culminating fair (think of a science fair, but for young entrepreneurs!) Schools are welcome to organize the program according to district needs and preferences, but the program should take no more than two months to implement.

The Book
In Make Your Own Money: How to Earn It, Save It, Spend It, and Dream Big, Danny Dollar teaches kids valuable life lessons like how to open up a bank account, how to invest, and so much more. This book even includes handy worksheets that guide students through the steps of starting a business, such as writing a business plan, creating a budget, and identifying expenses and profits. 

[The kids] took everything in and got right to work! They loved the opportunity to express themselves and share their passions, ideas, and joy for their businesses!” Justin K.B., 5th Grade Teacher

Teaching Resources: A Note to Educators
Hello, educator! This flexible program encourages you to use Make Your Own Money in your own way. You may choose to incorporate the material into an existing curriculum, or you may use our Make Your Own Money curriculum and lesson plans. We want this program to be simple to bring into your classroom. Here are some of the resources that will be available to you in this program:

  • Educator and Student Guides – These will give you and your students all the information you need to implement the program in your classroom.
  • Curriculum and Lesson Plans – Written by a 5th grade teacher, this document meets national teaching standards.
  • Make Your Own Money Worksheets – Printable versions of the worksheets in the back of the book, these walk students through creating a business plan, a budget, and more.

The program was so well received by the teachers that they voted unanimously to both grow it and bring it back this year.
Judy Rush – Director of Teaching and Learning

Author Visits, Books, and More:
At its core, the Danny Dollar Entreprepreneur Fair program consists of the following:

  • One book per student 
  • Digital teaching resources
  • A virtual kick-off visit from Ty Allan Jackson 
  • An in-person visit from Ty Allan Jackson at the fair  

Want to Bring the Entrepreneur Fair to Your School?
Whether you are an educator, school administrator, parent, or just an enthusiastic citizen, we would love to help you bring this empowering program to kids in your community. Fill out the form below to get the ball rolling and learn more about the Entrepreneur Fair program.



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