A three-time TEDx presenter, Ty is a veteran motivational speaker on a variety of stages. Whether inspiring children to read or educating adults about illiteracy, Ty can entertain and empower any audience.


School Visits
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Commencement 2021

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School Visits

Ty’s school visits have now gone virtual! Whether students are learning in school or at home, Ty’s inspiring author visits teach kids about the joys and power of reading. Depending on the age range, Ty’s visits generally include the following:

• An educational and comedic presentation about the importance of reading;
• A read aloud of his picture book When I Close My Eyes and/or You Are Amazing / I Am Amazing;
• An inspirational message about dealing with adversity;
• A segment about finance and entrepreneurship; and
• A Q&A session.

We will work with you to organize a school visit that will benefit your students the most. Each school and student body is unique, so we try our best to flexible.


“What was most remarkable about Ty’s visit was the unprecedented level of excitement that students had about reading and meeting an author. While Ty walked through the halls of School 2, students could not wait to talk to him, hug him, shake his hand, and ask him to sign their books. Ty was so good with the kids, who saw him as a relatable role model. The students celebritizing an author was an important and positive consequence of Ty’s visit in that students were just as—if not more—enthusiastic about reading and writing as they usually are about less critical topics such as media and sports. This enthusiasm around reading and writing has endured well beyond Ty’s visit.”
Amanda L. Wickers, Literacy Specialist
School 2 Troy, NY

“[Ty] will energize the students, inspire less accomplished readers, and present an image of an author as a “rock star” in a way that connects reading and writing to the kind of fan enthusiasm one sees in music or sports.”
Joelle Brookner, Principal, Williamstown Elementary

“I have had the distinct pleasure of introducing Ty Allan Jackson to my elementary school audience through a virtual hangout to which he delivered an outstanding yet personal experience for us to come together and celebrate reading! Ty is a larger than life character who captivated our audience through his personality and real-life experiences as a children’s book author. He brought a message of hope and inspiration to my young readers and writers, as well as to their families about the value of reading. The response of our families was overwhelmingly positive as they asked for more ways to support their children’s connection to literature.”
Julie D. Bowman, Principal, Hamilton Elementary


Are you an author, creative, or small business owner who could use some guidance? Ty Allan Jackson is now available for one-on-one consultations in the areas of writing, publishing, and marketing.

Fee: $200/hour

To learn more and schedule a consultation, you can email us at [email protected], or DM Ty on Instagram.

“After my first consultation with Ty, I had the clarity I needed to finish the writing/editing process with ease.  He also shared practical steps I could take immediately to market my book to my ideal client, expand my speaking career, and triple my income.”
Coco LaRain Veira

Professional Development Workshops

Ty leads discussions for teachers on topics ranging from race and inequality, to using social media to connect with children.

“There are concrete as well as abstract takeaways from this presentation. The abstract created a stronger sense of empathy for people of color. The concrete is developing strategies for stronger relationships with each child.”
Workshop Attendee, Pittsfield Public School

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Corporate Presentations, Keynotes and Panel Discussions

Ty educates adults about the importance of fighting illiteracy, and discusses the need for more diversity in children’s book characters and authors.

“Ty Allan Jackson is an electrifying public speaker. His passion for the subject matter is infectious. In just one hour, attendees gained a fresh perspective and usable ideas.”
Tatousha Narcisse Smith, Committee Chair
Black Employee Inclusion Network, Guardian Life

“Thank you to the BeIN ERG for bringing Ty in to speak to us. I couldn’t agree more that it was an awesome and inspiring event. His work in promoting financial literacy through the Danny Dollar Academy and reading through his “Read or Else” movement, resonates with Guardian’s Money Management for Life program and support of programs such as Read Ahead.”
Guardian Life Presentation Attendee

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Ty received an Honorary Doctorate of Humane Letters from MCLA and was honored to deliver a speech at the 2021 MCLA Commencement Ceremony.

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