A three-time TEDx presenter, Ty is a veteran motivational speaker on a variety of stages. Whether inspiring children to read, or educating adults about illiteracy, Ty can entertain and empower any audience.


Author Rallies and Classroom Visits – Ty performs inspiring and engaging pep rallies for children around the country. Using humor, music, dancing and enthusiasm, Ty teaches children about the power of reading and helps them see that authors are rockstars.

Professional Development Workshops – Ty leads discussions for teachers on topics ranging from race and inequality, to using social media to connect with children.

Corporate Presentations, Keynotes and Panel Discussions – Ty educates adults about the importance of fighting illiteracy, and discusses the need for more diversity in children’s book characters and authors.

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“[Ty] will energize the students, inspire less accomplished readers, and present an image of an author as a “rock star” in a way that connects reading and writing to the kind of fan enthusiasm one sees in music or sports.” – Joelle Brookner, Principal, Williamstown Elementary

Ty Allan Jackson