Danny Dollar Millionaire Extraordinaire

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Danny Dollar is a kid with a plan. He is out to become a millionaire, and nobody can stop him! Throughout Danny’s adventures, he teaches readers about finance, banking, investing and entrepreneurship in a fun and relatable way.

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I’m Dan, the man with the plan! That’s what everybody calls me. Mostly because I’m gonna be a millionaire, and I’ve got plans to do it. At least that’s what I thought until Pablo and his gang of knuckleheads sabotaged my lemonade stand. The next thing I knew, the Mayor was on my case and I had the whole city thinking I was a loser. Just when I thought things couldn’t get any crazier, the most amazing person in the world entered the picture. That’s when things really got nuts!

“This is a gem for kids everywhere.”

“This book should be a staple in every child’s education and also a great book for any novice investor.”

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5 reviews for Danny Dollar Millionaire Extraordinaire

  1. Patricia A. Simonetta

    I read Danny Dollar at my small business one day and could not put it down till I was finished. Lots of laughing and WOW’s came out of me as I read and learned. This book is a must read for all kids and their parents. A great way to introduce them to money management and how it relates to good character building, independence, responsibility, accountability and the building of self worth and I don’t mean $$$$. I hope the school’s will take a close look and consider this book and author to help teach our kids about the joy of self reliance and success.

  2. Yasmin-Newburgh

    My favorite book by far! The book is filled with important information for all children regarding money and life lessons. With cute little facts and enough funny lines to make you chuckle. Highly recommend this book for all kids. I read this with my son and we had a great convo after it about money and the importance of investing. Any book that has a child engaging in conversation with a parent is a favorite in my home:)

  3. Tammi M Adams

    I absolutely loved this book, even as an adult! Ha! Yes. I’ll admit it. The universal message and lessons that it taught about entrepreneurship and financial literacy, and to believe in who you are and what you want to do, and don’t let anything or anyone stop you. You’re never too old to learn, be reminded and appreciate valuable information. This is a gem for kids everywhere. Teach them while they’re young!

  4. Tammy Wilkins

    This is truly an INCREDIBLE book. I purchased it for my nephew who is 8 years old and we really enjoyed reading it. All adults should sow into a child’s life by gifting this book and reading it with them.

  5. Tiffaney

    This book is relatable and resourceful. I purchased it to use in my classroom to teach lessons on entrepreneurship and financial literacy.

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