Make Your Own Money: How Kids Can Earn It, Save It, Spend It, and Dream Big


In this fun and practical guide, Danny Dollar, the “King of Cha-Ching,” teaches readers all about his favorite thing — MONEY! Readers will learn about finance, entrepreneurship, economics, life skills, and so much more!

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Danny Dollar has inspired countless children around the world to make, save, and spend money wisely, and to dream big. Now the “King of Cha-Ching” returns to take kids on a how-to journey toward financial literacy, with tips and guidance for making money and minding their own businesses. With Danny as their money-savvy guide, readers get answers to questions like “What is money?”, “How do I make money?”, and “Why should I become an entrepreneur?” This lively, easy-to-read blueprint for financial success provides creative and practical tips for earning money by starting a business, and even covers how to write a business plan, raise start-up money, and understand profit and loss. It also teaches important economic vocabulary (needs vs. wants, goods vs. services) as well as essential life skills for handling money (how to open a bank account, create a budget, invest, and donate).

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