The Supadupa Bundle


Want to make your child’s reading experience even more Supadupa? Immerse them in the SDK universe with a Supadupa Kid t-shirt, as well as signed copies of The Supadupa Kid and the newly released Supadupa Kid 2: MOVE, including a personalized message from the author!

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In The Supadupa Kid, Javon is a normal kid living a normal life when he becomes gifted with awesome superpowers through an unexpected twist of fate. These superpowers include the ability to conduct electricity and fly! But Javon isn’t the only kid with new powers. The neighborhood bully Hoody gains superpowers of his own and uses them to wreak havoc on the community. It’s up to Javon to save the city from destruction. He is…The Supadupa Kid! This book teaches young readers about goodwill, self-esteem, and the importance of friendship and teamwork.

In The Supadupa Kid 2: MOVE, our favorite teen superhero The Supadupa Kid faces his biggest challenge: the villainous Dark Matter. With the power to control gravity and invisibility she is a formidable foe. Along with best friend / genius Ronald and new sidekick Muévete, SDK attempts to take down his most wicked nemesis yet.

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