Why Illiteracy?

Illiteracy impacts every single one of us…it is our obligation to promote the importance, joy and power of reading. All it takes is one book to change a life.” – Ty Allan Jackson

Our mission is simple: empower children to achieve greatness through literacy. The fight against illiteracy is an uphill battle, but we do the work knowing that children who read are statistically more likely to succeed later in life.

Read on to learn more about the impacts of illiteracy and our solution to the problem.

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Executive Spotlight: Ty Allan Jackson

Ty was featured as the Executive Spotlight in the Business Insider section of the Berkshire Eagle on August 2, 2020. In this Sunday edition, Ty talked about why he became a writer, the books that helped form the person he is today, and what success means to him.

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Read Across America 2020

6 Ways to Celebrate Read Across America

by Ty Allan Jackson

Do you want to know my #1 strategy for entertaining a room full of fidgety elementary school students? Here it is: before a presentation begins, I try to have as many individual interactions with the students as possible. Even if they only last one moment. So it was in that spirit that I zigzagged my way through a packed school cafeteria in Troy, NY last September, chatting and high-fiving students as they settled in for my presentation. After a few minutes, a 10-year-old boy at a table near the front beckoned me over. “I didn’t like reading until I read your book,” he said matter-of-factly, holding up a copy of The Supadupa Kid

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UNI African American Read-In

Ty was honored to be the special guest on Thursday at the 14th annual UNI African American Read-In at the University of Northern Iowa. The event was part of the National African American Read-In, which celebrates the work of African American authors and reaches over 1 million readers every year.

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Ty Featured in Respected Publication

Ty Allan Jackson is Ready For His Next Big Chapter

Ty was featured in the Sunday edition of The Berkshire Eagle on January 26, 2020. In addition to discussing Ty’s recent appearances on Disney+ and Good Morning America, the article explores what comes next for the local author.

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Ty Appears on Good Morning America

Sidney Keys was recently featured on Good Morning America for creating a book club for African American boys, and for being one of Marvel’s newest real life superheroes on the Disney+ show Marvel’s Hero Project. Sidney’s journey began when Ty’s book Danny Dollar Millionaire Extraordinaire inspired him to start the Books N Bros book club.

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Danny Dollar Featured on Disney+

Danny Dollar Inspires Marvel’s Newest Superhero

by Ty Allan Jackson

It’s June 2019 and I’m sitting in the basement of a St. Louis community center during the filming of a Marvel Hero Project episode. I’m waiting to meet Sidney Keys, the founder of Books N Bros and a real-life superhero. The gravity of the situation does not escape me – this moment has been three years in the making after all. Finally I get the nod from the Disney/Marvel team that it’s time for me to walk up the stairs to meet the young phenom who has inspired so many, including me.

Let me back up a little…

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Library Unveils New Mural

image description

On February 11th, the Berkshire Athenaeum in Pittsfield, MA unveiled a mural inspired by Ty’s book When I Close My Eyes. The mural spans the length of a wall in the children’s section of the library, and features Ty’s beloved character Dot. When I Close My Eyes is a picture book that encourages young readers to use their imaginations.

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Ty Allan Jackson